An R-rated graphic novel telling a dark sci-fi story of two ronins turned bounty hunters.

Ronin of Okane is in store!


RONIN OF OKANE is an explicit Graphic Novel for fans of Cyberpunk and Japanese Folklore.

This book was born from a love of the neon-soaked cyberpunk aesthetic and the beauty of Japanese folklore.

Follow Noguchi and Nyx as they explore the underbelly of a bad city gone worse.


  • R-rated Comic: No holding back. This is truly a graphic novel, with explicit sex, violence, and language. Okane is a rough city, and we won’t candy-coat the details for you.

  • Strikingly Beautiful: A bright and vibrant color palette in contrast to the darkness of the tale that unfolds, sure to inspire envy and delight when placed conveniently in the sightline of friends and family.

  • Strong Characters: Moral conflict. Unwavering foes. Impossible odds. We aim to tell a tale that will stay with you long after you’ve finished reading.

"I don't kill innocents... but nobody's innocent in Okane."

Crime syndicates big and small rule its neon streets, and the slave markets of old are thriving. Through its dark, corrupted streets, we follow Nyx and Noguchi as they struggle to thrive and survive in a city where money means everything.

Noguchi arrived penniless, with only a few weapons and the clothes on his back. Now he’s climbing the ranks of the Bounty Guild and starting to get noticed. But the true battle he faces is  the conflict between honoring the values of his father and doing what he must to survive.

Nyx is no stranger to Okane. Its avenues are wrapped around her little finger, as are many of its people. The scars of her past run deep, but in the end they’ve only shaped her into an ever more masterful warrior.

With nothing but their skill, they clawed their way out of the gutter by proving to be a capable assassins. Maybe a bit too capable, as they're begun to attract some attention... 

Volume 4 is coming soon!